Saturday, 8 October 2011

Keliling CapSquare

TGV at CapSquare, Level 3.
Wednesday afternoon
will benefited  you with special offer from TGV.

STRABUCKS, nice atmospheric

FRONT side of CapSquare

Front of CapSquare

front view of CapSquare

Jay Chow act scene

nice condo to stay for Unirazak buddies.

nice night atmospheric of CapSquare during night time


Secret Recipe and other restaurant
surrounding Unirazak campus


KL Tower

KL Tower

CityOne Condo with swimming pool

CapSquare roadside

Main entrance of Unirazak

wonderful Fountain at CapSquare

CapSqaure Fountain

PIKOM @ CapSquare--HP retail

ACER retail at CapSqaure
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