Friday, 7 October 2011

Egg Tart and Fresh Bun, Fook Lim @ Bundusan

sFook Lim @ Bundusan

Hi guys!
So i went to Fook Lim again with my friends for breakfast after class last wednesday.
As i mentioned earlier, Fook Lim is located at Bundusan, near Unirazak campus.
And the shop is opposite Saribonda Restaurant.
Suprisingly, they have more variety of food now such as 
Egg Tart and Fresh Bun(Sau Nyuk bun?, i thought serve no pork?) :)
I ordered 1 cold Teh C(Milk Tea), 1 egg Tart (still hot,yumm!) and 1 Roti Kahwin ( Kaya+planta)

Overall rating;
Food and Drinks : 3/5
Service : Self service
Price : From RM 2 onwards


'Roti Kahwin' yang terkenal di Malaysia. 
Two slice of bread kepit with cold butter slice and kaya.

                                   Egg tarts ; egg tarts
                 Teh susu ; Iced milk Tea


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  2. sorry didnt ask permission, because this restaurant is near to the campus. So we plan to promote here as well.