Sunday, 4 November 2012

UNIRAZAK 12th convocation at PICC

Prof Omar at 12th convocation

Dedicated to batch number 12 Master students of UNIRAZAK. Their hard-work payoff. Today 2 November 2012, MOM students having their life great moment at PICC Putrajaya.

Rehearsal in progress for tomorrow's 12th Convocation Ceremony at PICC, Putrajaya

The day before, our beloved MOM students get ready for their next day convocation ceremony. Everyone looks great.

NIce convocation ceremony held at PICC Putrajaya. 
Parents and friends of graduates attended together in this big hall. Long hours to get the scroll. This is normal.

hadiah buat Emak dan Ayah..
berjaya mendapat Master of Management dari Unirazak. terima kasih juga buat Keluarga, Sahabat-sahabat, dan semua yang memberi sokongan dan semangat buat saya . Alahamdullilah...( special buat Mak Itam dan pak Itam )

 This is a gift to parents of the scroll percipient. Mom gives a hug and big kisses to his beloved and success son.

Well done bro !
Master of management graduate celebrate their success with Prof. Omar. They passed through many hardship to get here.

May their success bring prosperity to our country
School of MOM graduates ^ ^

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